Our church is a lively organization run by a diverse collection of people, aligned by their faith and committed to our community.

Senior Wardens for 2018–2019

In an Anglican church the official Corporation, which oversees the business side of the church, consists of the Senior Wardens and the Rector. The Wardens serve as the Chief Financial Officers of the corporation and work closely with the Rector in guiding the community’s direction.

  • Mo Bent, People’s Warden (elected)
  • Sylvia McConnell, Rector’s Warden (appointed)

Deputy Wardens for 2017–2018

Although not officially a part of the corporation, the Deputy Wardens work with the Rector and Wardens as a governing team. Often, they become Senior Wardens in their turn.

  • Judy Mack
  • Suzanne Sutherland
  • Doug Hart
  • Audrey Conrad

Church and Community Coordinator — Laura Peetoom

Laura Peetoom is our “air traffic controller,” answering telephones, scheduling rooms for meetings and events and producing church communications. Laura also oversees volunteers who generously give their time and expertise.

Administrative Assistant — Daphne Polo

Daphne Polo takes care of the weekly service leaflet and gives administrative support to our Children’s Ministry. She keeps our Facebook page active, too.

Verger and Churchyard Secretary — Bill Dennis

Bill Dennis is the verger; that is, he is the person who takes care of the church building and grounds of St. John’s. He is responsible for routine maintenance; in addition, Bill prepares the church for special occasions such as weddings.

Mr. Dennis also looks after the adjacent churchyard (cemetery). As well as keeping the churchyard grounds neat and trim, he handles arrangements for interments or burials. Mr. Dennis also maintains the church records and can assist people who wish to research their family history.

Envelope Secretary and Bookkeeper — Jane Turcot

Jane Turcot looks after the bookkeeping for the church, which includes tracking donations and issuing annual tax receipts. She also oversees the yearly distribution of envelopes for collection-plate contributions and the Pre-Authorized Giving program for automatic monthly contributions.

Sexton — Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson assists verger Bill Dennis in maintaining the church, the grounds around the church and the churchyard. He provides custodial support to groups that rent our facilities and acts as a sound technician at church events.

Director, Stewardship and Development — Catherine Bryant

Catherine Bryant applies her sound budgetary thinking and extensive experience in the not-for-profit sector to the financial support of our church’s ongoing life and ministries.

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