Adult Education this Fall

From the acorn to the oak tree

Stages of Growth

Adult Christian Education at SJYM - For your journey in faith and in lifeClergy, lay leaders and members of SJYM have envisioned an intentional program of Christian education, based on the Apprenticeship Principle. Its goal is “oak trees” — well-rooted Christian disciples who make Him known in everything they are and do. Using resources and groups already in place in our church, the teaching program unfolds in stages.

Stage 1: Regular church attendance

Being a part of a community of faith is essential to being a Christian, and the church is the central gathering place for the community. At church you nurture your faith through word: hearing the lessons of the bible, through worship: among others on their faith journeys, and through work: getting involved with groups and activities.

Stage 2: SJYM Orientation (Half-day)

A Saturday morning meeting for newcomers and those wanting a fresh start. Learn about one another, our leaders and life at our church.

Stage 3: Rooted in Christ (6 weeks)

Clergy and lay leaders outline and discuss the basic tenets of the faith. For both new and curious Christians.

Stage 4: Growing in Christ (2–3 years)

Members clarify their understanding and strengthen their spiritual discipline, with the guidance of clergy and lay leadership. Each book/study group builds on the one before:

  • The Good and Beautiful God
  • The Good and Beautiful Life
  • The Good and Beautiful Community

Stage 5: Cultivating Christ (Lifetime)

Members worship regularly and take leadership in meeting with fellow Christians for study, prayer and service.

Grow in Faith This Fall

Where are you in your learning? Are you moving on to the next stage? Could you benefit from some pruning and redirection in your growth? Recognizing that we’re at different stages with different learning styles and interests, SJYM offers a variety of faith-growing opportunities this season.

Rooted in Christ (Stage 3)

Christianity 101

For those who would like an introduction to or review of the basics of our faith.

  • When: Second & fourth Wednesday evenings each month
  • Starts: September 28
  • Commitment: 5 sessions
  • Leaders: Max & Paul

Growing in Christ (Stage 4)

“Good and Beautiful” Groups

For those who would like to explore what it means to be a follower of Christ in today’s world. We use as our guide the Apprenticeship Series by James Bryan Smith. Please note the prerequisites.

Good and Beautiful God

  • Session 1
    • When: Wednesday evenings
    • Starts: September 21
    • Leader: Anne+
  • Session 2
    • When: Thursday mornings, biweekly
    • Starts: October 27
    • Leader: Anne+
  • Commitment: 10 sessions

Good and Beautiful Life (pre-requisite: G&B God)

  • Session 1
    • When: Monday evenings, biweekly
    • Starts: October
    • Note: On Sept. 12 there is a wrap-up session for Good and Beautiful God
    • Leader: Drew+
  • Session 2
    • When Weekday (TBD) afternoons, biweekly
    • Starts: TBD
    • Leaders: Olivia and Michele
  • Commitment: 13 sessions

Good and Beautiful Community (pre-requisite: G&B Life)

  • Session 1
    • When: First & third Wednesday evenings of every month
    • Starts: September 21
    • Leaders: Paul and Myrna
  • Session 2
    • When: Thursday mornings, biweekly,
    • Starts: September 22
    • Leader: Anne+
  • Commitment: 10 sessions

Cultivating Christ (Stage 5) – Compass Groups

Compass Groups are devoted to scripture study and to books on Christian themes. They meet in homes or at the church.

The Book of Isaiah (evenings)

  • When: Monday evenings, biweekly
  • Duration: Ongoing, September–May
  • Host: Tim+

The Book of Isaiah (mornings)

  • When: Tuesday mornings
  • Duration: Ongoining, September–May
  • Host: Joan

The Common Lectionary

  • When: Second and fourth Wednesday evenings of each month
  • Duration: Ongoing, September–May
  • Hosts: Sylvia, Mary and Cliffe
  • Note: The Lectionary refers to the scriptures that are read and discussed during Sunday services.

The Gospel of Matthew

  • When: Mondays at 12:30 p.m.
  • Duration: Ongoing, September–May
  • Hosts: Bev & Deacon Catherine

Cultivating Christ (Stage 5) – Social, Study, and Service Groups

St. John’s is home to groups that focus on the various aspects of the life in faith – word, worship, and work. 

Men’s Supper Club

The club meets for dinner, fellowship, and  discussion around contemporary Christian writing. This season, we begin with Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus by Nabeel Qureshi.

  • When: Second Tuesday evening of the month
  • Starts: September 13
  • Duration: Ongoing, September–June
  • Leader: Drew+

Women’s Study Group

Attend the first meeting of this new group and help decide what we’ll study.

  • When: First Tuesday evening of the month
  • Starts: October 4
  • Duration: October—Apr
  • Contacts: Laura & Catherine

Hidden Wholeness

For those who learn best in a reflective environment. We’ll explore Parker Palmer’s book A Hidden Wholeness on living an integrated life.

  • When: Friday afternoons,
  • Starts: beginning Oct. 7
  • Duration: 10 weeks
  • Leader: Anne+

The Lychgate Group

With roots in the Anglican Church Women tradition, this group meets monthly for learning, fellowship and service.

  • When: Second Thursday evening of the month
  • Starts: September 8
  • Duration: September–May
  • Contact: Pamela

Ministry and Service

As well as running itself, SJYM runs ongoing ministries, at home and overseas, which can always use helping hands. We also support ministries in the community in which our members are involved.

  • Outreach: Refugee settlement, Sandy Bay Primary (Jamaica) support & fundraising, Downsview & Flemingdon Park Ministries
  • Barnabas Ministry (serving breakfast monthly to the community)
  • Prayer Team
  • Flower Guild, Welcome & Hospitality Teams
  • Youth & Children’s Ministries
  • Music & AV Tech Teams
  • Finance, Property & Churchyard Committees

Contact: Church office

Family Life

For those who are looking to share the joys and challenges of life. At various times during the coming year, as needed, we will offer:

  • Parenting courses
  • Marriage course
  • DivorceCare
  • GriefShare

Contact: Tim+

If you would like more information, please contact Rev. Anne at


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