Communicating in a Wireless World

Communication technologies have and will continue to play a critical part in the way we live. Technology is fundamentally changing the nature of our society, and rapidly improving the way we can communicate to each other.

The Anglican community needs to embrace the innovative technologies that will help us better connect with our members and the local community to support God’s mission.  These advancements will allow us to reach a broader audience and bring God’s message to new generations and help us share the Good News with new people.  Online technologies, such as websites and social networking sites, are an excellent way for churches to reach out to seekers, newcomers, and long-time parishioners alike.  Also, effective communication with younger Anglicans must include the use of new technologies and trends if we wish to engage them in ministry.

Preparing our Church for the future will require new knowledge, new skills, new approaches, and new attitudes.  We must assess on an ongoing basis what is required for effective Diocesan and parish communication.

In order to utilize these new ways and new media to carry the message of God to everyone, Our Faith – Our Hope will support the following enhancements:

  • Equip the Diocese and parishes with video/web conferencing capabilities;
  • Improve and expand existing publications;
  • Offer Internet podcasts and live streams;
  • Train staff on new technology;
  • Purchase advanced software to allow capability for sending targeted email; and,
  • Assess new technological developments.

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