Enabling Parishes to Become Multi-Staffed

Parishes need to be able to provide a variety of ministries for all ages, but some parishes need to be able to provide a full-range of programs for everyone.  These parishes need trained lay and clergy on staff to provide youth and adult ministry, spiritual care, stewardship development and outreach ministry.

In order to provide these and other programs, parishes have to become multi-staffed with both lay and ordained leaders to provide the services necessary to fulfill the needs of their people and community.   These parishes need the proper facility space and the appropriate number of staff.

Parishes require funding assistance to be able to offer a full-range of programs for all ages.  The Diocese is committed to allocating funds to select parishes that are capable of providing the right leadership and focus on ministry. Enabling these parishes to become multi-staffed will foster a new style of leadership for both lay and clergy, expand ministries and promote development of fresh expressions of the church. These multi-staff parishes may also be used as centres of excellence for our ordained and lay leaders.  Trained personnel will instruct our leaders and equip them with the resources necessary to bring God’s message to their communities.
Multi-staff parishes need the resources to reach for excellence, which will draw even more people to their services and ministries.

SJYM Progress Report:

Our campaign has now reached a total of $498,700 in pledges from a total of 27 gifts.  This represents 56% of our overall goal of $885,000.

Thank you to everyone who is helping to strengthen
the Diocese of Toronto, as well as our own parish

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