Engage: The Lenten Journey

A Guide for Spiritual Growth

Do you know The Three ‘R’s’ of Lent? Reflection, Repentance and Renewal.  The forty days of Lent are a time to reflect on our lives, to change the direction we have been going, and be renewed in our spiritual journey.

Book: "Engage: A Lenten Journey"This year at St John’s we are using ‘Engage: A Lenten Study Guide for Spiritual Growth’ from Renovare www.renovare.org.  We have over 70 of our people participating in this Lenten practice. If you didn’t get a copy you may want to order it yourself from Renovare and join us on the journey.

There are well worn paths that believers have walked for centuries to grow spiritually, to become more aware of who they are and who God is. These well worn paths  are called spiritual practices or spiritual disciplines. Each week our study guide includes a description of a well worn path/spiritual practice, a scriptural reference, thoughts about that practice, and questions for your reflection and to share with a friend. During Holy Week we’ll offer a confidential opportunity to share your reflections and receive a blessing to renew you for the year ahead.

Reflection – Repentance – Renewal

Our Lenten Journey


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