Feb 11: Special Forum

SJYM Third Century FundThis Sunday at The Forum, we invite all congregants to take part as we discuss St. John’s Third Century Fund. What will be our legacy to the next generation?

The Third Century Fund was established to allow the current generation of congregants to create a legacy for the next generation. Thanks to several generous donors, we already have a healthy start with this fund. Your rector, churchwardens and parish council, would like to grow this seed with a capital campaign.

The purpose of this consultation is to give you an overview of the capital campaign process and an idea of the projects we might use the capital for. In return, we want to hear your ideas. This consultation starts at 11:30 a.m. on February 11, 2018.

A background document has been created so that you might do some advance reading and come to the consultation with your questions and ideas. The document can be picked up at church starting Sunday, February 4. Or click here to download it.

Let’s dream big and leave an amazing gift for generations to come.


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