April 1 – 6th Sunday of Lent – Palm Sunday


Psalm 118:1,2,19-29

Mark 11:1-11


Kings traditionally rode horses when they came as conquerors, but rode asses when they came in peace. Jesus was greeted as a king. A similar procession greeted Simon Maccabaeus after one of his most notable victories (I Maccabees 13:51).

Pilgrims coming to the Passover Feast were traditionally greeted with the passage from Psalm 118: “Blessed be he who enters in the name of the Lord”.

“Hosanna” meaning “Save now!” was a people’s cry to a king or god. It can also be seen in Psalm 118:25.




  1. What evidence is there that Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem was not a spontaneous event but one that had been preplanned and carefully orchestrated? (Mark 11:1-11)
  2. Why, knowing the enmity He had stirred up, did Jesus choose to make such a theatrical entry?
  3. What did the crowd expect of Jesus?


  1. If Jesus were to come to our world to-day, what would people expect of Him?
  2. Of what value to you is the Palm Sunday celebration?


Food for thought:

Here we see the sheer courage of Jesus, drawing to Himself the attention of a crowd excited with revolutionary zeal and making His final appeal of love, knowing full well where it would lead Him.

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