Wednesday, March 14


Deuteronomy 6:20-25

Acts 8:26-39

Psalm 86:11-17

John 4:31-38


The disciple, Philip, mentioned in the Acts reading is not the apostle. He was a deacon appointed by the church (Acts 6:5). The queen of the Ethiopians was referred to as “the Candace”. The eunuch would not have been Jewish but was probably a “God-fearer” or enquirer into the Jewish faith.




  1. Why did Moses tell the Israelites to explain to their children the origin of the Ten Commandments? (Deuteronomy 6:20-25)
  2. Of what importance to the early church would the conversion of the Ethiopian eunuch have been? (Acts 8:36)
  3. How can you explain Jesus’ lack of interest in food (John 4:32)?
  4. Why could His disciples not understand?


  1. Of what value are the Ten Commandments to Christians?
  2. Why did Philip head towards Gaza? (Acts 8:26)? Is this a valid reason for taking action? What is your experience?
  3. Where do you see ‘fields that are ripe for spiritual harvest’? (John 4:35)


Food for thought:

Fascinated by Jesus, the woman soon discovered there was a price to pay: her past life must be set before her as an open book. But Jesus did not berate her for her sin. As a result, she was able to look away from herself and marvel at the One before her, seeking to know Him.

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