Sunday, March 18 – 4th Sunday in Lent


Number 21:4-9

Psalm 107:1-3,17-22

Ephesians 2:1-10

John 3:14-21


The American Medical Association has adopted an icon of two serpents entwined around a pole as a symbol of healing based on this story in Numbers. Jesus, too, saw the symbolic significance of the story in contemplating His own death.




  1. Why would the people have seen the snakes as God’s punishment? (Numbers 21:4-7)
  2. To what does the Psalmist attribute the healing that the people experienced? How can you explain it?
  3. What difference did receiving Christ make in the lives of the Ephesians?
  4. According to John (3:14-21), what does God offer to those who believe in His Son?


  1. How might the Israelites have responded to their weariness and discouragement?
  2. Of what value to you are these stories of inexplicable healing?


Food for thought:

In the Bible the snake represents evil. The Israelites, weary of their journey with God, lost confidence in His benevolent purposes and became vulnerable to “snake bites”.

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