Wednesday, March 21


Philippians 4:4-9

Luke 6:17-23

Psalm 34:1-8


Paul probably wrote his letter to the Philippians from prison in Rome. His experiences of beatings and imprisonment gave him credibility in encouraging his converts who were experiencing difficulties.



  1. Why do you think Paul placed such an emphasis on “Rejoice!” in his letter to the Philippians?
  2. What three pieces of advice did he give them as ways to deal with anxiety?
  3. Looking out at those who had come to hear him, what qualities did Jesus see in them? (Luke 6:17-23)
  4. What warnings did he give them?
  5. How does Psalm 34 reinforce the message of to-day’s readings?


  1. What does “the peace of God” mean to you? (Philippians 4:7)
  2. In Psalm 34, what is the function of  “the angel of the Lord”? What does that mean to you?

Food for thought:

Paul’s appeals to joy in his letters to churches set in the midst of a hostile world are never simply encouragements. They throw back the distressed churches on their Lord. They are above all appeals to faith. “In the Lord” is the governing factor.

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