Guy Chevreau

gclightTo serve. To bless. To build.

First off, my name: it’s a clue to my French heritage and rhymes with “me.” I was raised in Toronto, Ontario. I studied philosophy at York University and have a Masters from Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. I subsequently completed a Doctorate in Theology at the University of Toronto.

From 1981 to 1994, I served as a church pastor. Since 1994, the Lord has sent me to a broad cross-section of churches and denominational associations as a conference and keynote speaker. I’ve been privileged to preach in over 280 different churches, in 34 countries. I have also mowed the greens at a golf club, framed houses, restored a 200-year-old log cabin, and gutted and renovated my own house.

Restoration is the common thread that runs through the nine books I’ve published – Catch the Fire, Share the Fire, Pray with Fire, We Dance Because We Cannot Fly, Turnings, Our Eyes Fixed On Jesus, Vital Signs, Out from the Rough (fiction), and It’s Not Fair.

“Renovation – or better – restoration – is what I hope to be about, whether it’s with a hammer in hand, or at a pulpit, or before another in prayer.”

I am ever-grateful for my two adult children, Graham and Caitlin, and for my wife Kerry, with whom I share one exquisite grace after another. We’re back in my home town for our current adventure, which is unfolding  in the Toronto neighbourhood of North Lawrence Park.

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