How to Use the Study Guide

  1. Complete the readings. We have provided links to the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) because this is the text we use in our Sunday morning worship. Please feel free to use the translation you prefer for your study.
  2. Consult the “notes” at the top of each page. They will help you to understand the Bible passage.
  3. Questions have been divided into 2 sections: A and B. Reflect on the A question(s) that pertains to the passage you have read before moving to the next reading. Then proceed to the next reading. The A questions are for comprehension.
  4. The B questions are for personal application and can be reflected on after reading all the passages.
  5. Commit to prayer any insights that have come to you through the study.
  6. Share your thoughts in the comment section for the day of the study.

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