Jan 29: The Recovery Course

The Recovery Course is a free course for people who are struggling with addiction and want to find freedom. The course starts on Tuesday January 29 at YLF, 25 Wanless Avenue.

Want freedom from the grip of addiction?

The Recovery Course has helped people with addictions to drugs, alcohol, pornography, sex, gambling, self-harming, over-eating, and other compulsive behaviours. Losing control of your life to addiction can not only threaten your wellbeing but can bring harm to those you love. The Recovery Course will give you a roadmap for breaking free of addiction, with an approach built on empowerment, fellowship, and faith.

Food, teaching, and conversation

The Recovery Course is a Christ-centred approach to the well-known “AA” 12-step program. Each session includes a meal together, a video teaching, and conversation in same-sex groups. There are also notes to take home to help you on your road to recovery. Know that you are not alone on the journey.

Want to know more?

We’ll meet every Tuesday starting on January 29, 2019. At 7 p.m. we sit down to a shared meal; at 7:30 the course gets underway; the evening wraps up around 9 p.m.

The course is hosted by the Yonge Lawerence Fellowship at St. Leonard’s Church, 25 Wanless Avenue, Toronto. The church is one block north of the Lawrence subway station.

For more information about The Recovery Course:

By mail: recovery@ylf.church
On the web: ylf.church/recovery

Get to know YLF:


The Recovery Course at YLF:
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