June 21 – Contemplative Fire

Join us when we gather on Saturday June 21, the longest day of the year, for a picnic and a creative communion service. We regularly worship on the last Sunday of every month, but for June we are doing something different: we are meeting on the longest day of the year to honour Jesus as the Light of the World.

Communion under the trees – birds singing, dogs barking, grass warm and soft under our feet – how good it is to worship our Creator, maker of heaven and earth in the out of doors!

St. Leonard’s Anglican Church
25 Wanless Avenue
Saturday June 21
6:00 p.m.

We are also celebrating a milestone: Contemplative Fire is five years old. Please bring something to eat for the common picnic table. If you are a part of our community, please bring a Contemplative Fire memory and something that speaks about Earth, or Light or Jesus – a symbol, an image or a story. If you have never attended a Contemplative Fire gathering, this is a wonderful occasion to come, observe and experience what we’re all about. Based on the Christian contemplative tradition, we seek to be fully present in the kingdom of God right here and right now.

Celebrate: EARTH, LIGHT and JESUS – Maker of ALL!


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