Leadership Development

Our communities of faith rely on both lay and ordained leadership to help them heed God’s call, bring them together in worship, and live out the Gospel. Our leaders need practical tools, training, and resources to effectively engage all members of their communities in mission, identify and raise up new leadership, and to provide transformational opportunities for one another, our local communities and the wider Church. We will continue to recruit and empower adaptive, innovative leaders, both ordained and lay, who will renew, restore, and strengthen our Church.

Key to a vibrant Anglican presence in the Diocese of Toronto is the ability to effectively equip our ordained and lay leaders to meet the demands for ministry in ways that effectively respond to the rapid changes taking place in society and the world. Our goal as a Diocese is to create a culture in which ordained and lay leaders together build a commitment to lifelong learning and renewal in ministry.

A Clergy and Lay Leader Continuing Education Fund will be established to provide:

  • Scholarships for theological students in the Diocese;
  • Targeted professional development for the clergy to adapt to new ministry;
  • Conferences and workshops for laity;
  • Faith and spiritual development; and,
  • Development of well trained lay volunteers.

This is part of the Building our Church for Tomorrow element of the vision.

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