Life Groups

Life Groups: An Essential Part of Christian Formation

Life Groups – small groups that meet regularly – are an essential part of any Christian’s journey in faith.

A Life Group is large enough to offer knowledgeable guidance and answers, yet small enough for you to participate and have a voice. There are a range of Life Groups, with some catering to newcomers to the faith and others for people seeking deeper insight.

Although the focus is on nurturing Christian faith, a Life Group is also a place for socializing, for sharing in life’s ups and downs, and supporting each other in prayer and fellowship.

A Sampling of Life Groups

Bible Study – The most well-known Life Groups meets to study the Bible. We may choose to work through a chosen book from the Bible, or study the scripture readings heard at the Sunday services. We look at the scripture text, consider its context in history, and discern what it is really telling us about God, ourselves, and how we should live in faith.

If you’re new to SJYM or to the Christian faith, a Bible Study is a good place to start.

Book Study – These Life Groups read and discuss selected books, usually by modern writers, that touch on Christian themes. We have studied books by authors including C. S. Lewis, Max Lucado, and Rob Bell. We have, on occasion, seen and then discussed movies that touch on Christian themes.

Apprentice Series – These Life Groups study the three books of the Apprentice Series by James Bryan Smith. Intended for people who are grounded in Christian teachings, we learn – through reading, discussion, and exercises – the narratives that Jesus lived by and how we can make them real in our own lives.

Grad Class – This Life Group is for people who are familiar with Christian teachings, and who wish to “look behind the curtain”. We look at the history of Christianity and at pivotal leaders and philosophers who have shaped the doctrines and practices of the modern church.

The When and Where of Life Groups

Most groups meet once a week, although some meet twice a month. Many groups run continuously (perhaps taking a break for the summer); other groups may meet for a specified term (for example, an Apprentice Series group meets for twelve weeks).

A Life Group meets either at the church or at the home of one of the members – each group decides for itself where and how often to meet.

Finding a Life Group

Learn more about the Life Groups at SJYM, and discover which ones could be for you:

  • On Sunday morning, ask a greeter in the foyer;
  • Speak to any clergy member;
  • Contact the church office during the week;
  • Watch for announcements on Sunday morning.

Life Groups: faith, community, and spiritual sustenance.

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