May 31 – “Orientations” Day

The next “Orientations” day – for newcomers to St. John’s, for returnees, and for those just curious – will be on Saturday May 31 from 9:30 to noon.

Do you know what attracts people to St. John’s York Mills?

Do you know what brings them back week after week?

Next Session – Saturday, May 31

On Saturday May 31, starting at 9:30, Drew+ and Anne+ will host a day for new members, for those returning, and for those who might like be curious. It will be a morning for us to get to know them better and for them to know us and to learn about life at St John’s.

For our part, we explain topics ranging from the fundamental – what are our core beliefs and practices – to the practical – who’s who at St. John’s, and what programs do we have. In turn we listen to the new members and find out what you are looking for, what is important to you, why you decided to come to St. John’s, and what you might like to see. This day of discovery includes refreshments.

The Past Session – January

On Saturday January 18 Drew+ and Anne+ met with 16 of our new members to have an opportunity to get to know them better and for them to know us and life at St John’s. Hospitality was provided by Doug and Judy Cuttell. As newcomers, the Cuttells had attended an orientation day, enjoyed it and wanted to help offer it to others. We were also supported by Deacon Catherine and Warden Sylvia McConnell.

There were all sorts of discoveries. Many spoke of being invited by friends and family to come and join them at St John’s. I delight whenever someone offers the ‘come and see’ invitation for it means that they are happy here doing what followers of Jesus have always done, naturally and easily inviting others to join them. People found us online, we’re close to their home and we’re Anglican!

They shared what they really enjoyed here – the bells that start our service, the combination of organ and band, the depth of teaching with discussion points and sermons online, the Children’s Ministry, the balance of formality and informality, the warmth, sense of friendship and despite the activity a calmness.

They reflected on the importance that St John’s as their spiritual community makes in their life. They shared a real desire to grow spiritually and the need for a community to recharge them weekly. Our weekly services keep them grounded, enhance their sense of balance as they move through life, strengthening their core values.

We explored with them offering a Noon Sunday service (40 minutes of teaching, prayer, music and coffee) or a Q&A to follow our 10.00am service. They were interested in some informal discussion such as an Anglican Primer, Basic Christianity or faith/philosophy. Are you ?

To finish a morning of discovery Drew+ led a tour of the hidden parts of St John’s York Mills, and as you might expect, there are quite a few of those in a church that’s over 150 years old.


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