Men’s Dinner 2011

Thursday, November 3, 2011

CAMP X!  Did you know that that we had an “… infamous and respected top secret World War II Secret Agent training school, strategically located on the shores of Lake Ontario in Canada.” (actually just outside of Toronto)?  Or that Ian Fleming, author of numerous spy stories, trained there and created his ‘James Bond’ character based on his experiences while there?  Did you realize that “Sir William Stephenson – the man called Intrepid – headed the organization that ran Camp X …”?  Did you suspect that Camp X was the location “… where the CIA was born.”?

Come to the Men’s Dinner where Lynn Philip Hodgson will be our speaker and you will hear the true stories about Camp-X, an important, but little know piece of Canadian History.

Lynn Philip Hodgson has dedicated half of his life to uncovering the most detailed secrets of Camp-X.”   In addition to writing a number of books on Camp X, “Lynn has spoken to over one hundred thousand public and high school students in the past eight   years enlightening them of their rich historical heritage here in Southern Ontario.”  He had a successful 35 year business career, volunteered with many organizations, was an elected Municipal Councillor for seven years, and won the 2004 “Lifetime Achievement Award” – given by the Ontario Heritage Foundation – “In appreciation of a lifetime of volunteer work to identify, preserve, protect and promote our province’s rich heritage.”  “He was the only Canadian invited to the 60th anniversary of the OSS (CIA) in June of 2002, which was held inside the famous CIA HQ at Langley, Virginia.”

Come out and enjoy the presentation.  If you wish to do further reading, or if you are looking for an interesting present, Lynn will have a selection of his books for sale and he will be available to autograph any purchases.

Please mark your calendars now and reserve Thursday, November 3rd for a fascinating presentation and a wonderful evening of camaraderie.  Additional details will follow.  Jay Burford.


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