Men’s Supper Club: Tue June 10

Men's Ministry - an evening of food, fellowship, and themed discussion

Food for the body and food for the soul.

Gentlemen, do you have a hearty appetite for fellowship, personal growth, and introspection? If so, you are invited to an evening where we break bread together, discuss matters great and small, and explore a significant piece of Christian writing.

Mere Christianity by C.S. LewisOn May 13 we will continue our discussions on C.S. Lewis’s landmark book Mere Christianity. C.S. Lewis (better known for his children’s book The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe) was a brilliant scholar who wrote a number of influential books on Christianity. In Mere Christianity, Lewis sets out to explain the beliefs that are common among most Christians, to justify faith in those beliefs, and to guide those who wish to live in accordance with those beliefs.

On June 10, we will discuss section 3 – Christian Behaviour – in which Lewis explains what the day-to-day lives of Christians should be like. He deals with common perceptions and mis-perceptions – is God annoyed when someone has a good time? – and with some moral dilemmas – is a Christian politician required to shape laws to fit Christian doctrines? Readers will find some of Lewis’s opinions controversial, as he covers topics that continue to cause discussion and discord in the church today. In all, Lewis’s prescriptions for Christian living should be food for lively discussions.

To get more out of the evening, please read section 3 ahead of time. If questions come to mind from what you read, you can send them ahead of time to Drew MacDonald who will be hosting the discussion.

We will meet on Tuesday June 10 at 6:30 p.m. in the auditorium. The evening will begin with a full dinner, so bring your appetite. We do ask for a nominal fee to cover the cost of the food but it’s not mandatory. A sign-up sheet will be posted a week or two in advance; please register so that we can plan the dinner.


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