Baptism is the sign of new life in Christ and is a rite of acceptance into the community of Christ-followers. Water is blessed and poured over the head of the baptized, in the name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Then, the person is “christened” — marked with holy oil to signify they are Christ’s own, newly born into the life of his Church.

From Infants to Adults
When we baptize infants and children, the SJYM community promises to support their parents and sponsors (godparents) in raising and educating their young ones in the faith. When we baptize adults, we promise to support the new member in their continuing growth and learning. That’s why it is important that baptism takes place when the community is gathered. While it is customary to designate three or four Sundays in the church calendar for baptisms, they may also be arranged singly.


When a person who has been baptized into the Christian faith wishes to publically affirm the vows made on his or her behalf at baptism, then that person may be confirmed. The road to confirmation begins with a conversation with one of our clergy team and proceeds with a confirmation course with others. Confirmation requires the involvement of a bishop and usually takes place (for those in our area) in the Cathedral Church of St James in downtown Toronto.


Marriage is a wonderful gift of God that serves to unite two people in a covenant of love that will enrich their community. Your wedding day is a special event in your life — but it is only the beginning of a lifetime of learning to love each other in a way that honours God.

It is our normal practice to marry people who are part of our worshipping community, and we encourage attendance at one of the marriage preparation courses offered throughout the year in our area. Couples who are members of another worshipping community who wish to avail themselves of our facilities are also welcome.

In either case, the process begins with a meeting with a member of our clergy team.


We know that the time leading up to and following the death of a loved one can be very difficult. Drawing on our Christian faith we will provide assistance and care to you and your family, from pastoral visits before and after a death to making arrangements for a funeral or memorial service.

St John’s York Mills also has an historic, private churchyard and interment garden for the use of members and their families.