St. John’s has an intentional program of Christian education, which advances in stages. It’s modelled on the learning-by-doing character of apprenticeship. The goal is mature, well-rooted followers of Jesus who know him in worship and word and make him known in their daily walk through the world.

Stage 1       Regular church attendance

Stage 2        SJYM Orientation

A Saturday morning meeting for newcomers and those wanting a fresh start. Learn about one another, our leaders and life at our church.

Stage 3       Rooted in Christ

Clergy and lay leaders outline and discuss the basic tenets of the faith. For both new and curious Christians.

Stage 4       Growing in Christ

Members clarify their understanding and strengthen their spirits with the guidance of clergy and lay leadership. Each book/study group builds on the one before:

The Good and Beautiful God

The Good and Beautiful Life

The Good and Beautiful Community

Stage 5       Walking with Christ

Members worship regularly and actively pursue opportunities to meet with fellow Christians for study, prayer and service.

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