The music at The Sacred Table (Sundays 9:00am) is led by our SATB choir, under the direction of organist and choirmaster Patrick Dewell. Professionally-trained section leads help us to explore a wide range of Anglican church music. We meet every Sunday morning (September to June) at 8:00 to rehearse for the 9:00 service. Our weekly repertoire consists of congregational hymns, plainchant psalms and canticles, and a variety of choral anthems, introits, and motets.

New members are welcome!  To arrange for an audition, please contact Patrick:

For your interest
The organ at SJYM is a unique hybrid instrument that combines original pipework by Casavant with digital and MIDI enhancements by Walker. It features 3 manuals, 7 divisions, 61 speaking stops, and 74 ranks.  Organ preludes and postludes are musical fixtures at The Sacred Table, and occasionally throughout the year our organist delights us with a recital. Check the events calendar if you’d like to attend!

Youth Choir

Anyone under the age of 18 is welcome to join our youth choir. We meet for a half-hour on Sunday mornings, beginning at 10:00. No experience is required! Our conductor is Dani Loach, our alto section lead and an assistant director with the Canadian Children’s Opera Chorus. Patrick Dewell accompanies.

Patrick Dewell

Patrick loves computer game music but his heart belongs to J.S. Bach. He has an MA in Liturgical Music, which expresses how music and worship are entwined for him.

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