Worship Team

At Saint John’s we place a high value on corporate worship, seeking to become increasingly aware of God’s presence as we sing, speak, pray and interact with each other. A big part of our worship is expressed through singing and music. Our worship team facilitates our musical expression during the Open Door service each Sunday at 10:30am. The style is contemporary, with a range of songs, old and new, all played with a contemporary sound.

Worshippers with a musical gift are most welcome to get in touch and see if this ministry is where you have been called to serve. We have a weekly pre-service rehearsal, and once-monthly team gatherings where we pray, worship together, and receive deeper teaching on the subject of worship and what it really means to come before God in ‘spirit and truth’.

Youth Band

We have a monthly youth band rehearsal, as we seek to develop the gift of worship with our young people. They will lead sung worship in the Open Door service from time to time, as we see God-given potential realised.

Worship Pastor

Kevin Burgess is our Worship Pastor. Kev is passionate about harnessing music and creativity to make us more aware of the tangible presence of God. He brings a vision for an authentic family within churches and community. The thread of Kev’s worship style is to aim to change the atmosphere, both that we find ourselves in, and that we carry into each of our worlds. He recently moved from the UK with his wife Ellie, and two children, Aaron and Jessie.

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