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From May 25 to 27, the Ontario Guild of English Handbell Ringers (OGEHR) is hosting its annual festival, and St. John’s handbell ringers are taking part. (read more…)

Thank you for a wonderful afternoon!

Thank you to all the musicians, volunteers, and the audience members who made Musicfest 2017 a wonderful and memorable musical journey. All the practice and preparation that went into this day paid off in the great handbell, choral, and band performances of songs from around the world. (read more…)

Winter must be over now because our annual extravaganza known as MusicFest is only one month away. This year, we will be helping St. John’s church celebrate its 200th anniversary with a musical walk down memory lane. The theme is 200 Years of Musical Memories, and all of the musicians have been practicing diligently to perfect songs ranging from Gilbert and Sullivan to Adele.

It’s a lot of work, but so far the show is shaping up to be a great afternoon of music for the whole family and a fitting tribute for the 200th anniversary. It all happens on Sunday, May 1 at 3 p.m. Tickets are $15 for adults and $5 for children. Tickets and information can be obtained by calling 416-225-6611 or sending a note to

Music is a big part of life at St. John’s. Our handbell and handchime groups are now underway for the fall with over thirty participants. (read more…)

Twenty-one ringers, one chaperone and one director left for Trent University in Peterborough on Thursday May 21st for the Ontario Guild of English Handbell Ringers biannual festival. This was the first festival experience for our 8 Rockin’ Ringers and one Ingram ringer. (read more…)

Wonderful revues from so many of you for our concert this year. I love having our whole music department work together with all of our diverse talents to produce a great hour and a half entertainment for you. Did you eat the red one last? (That is for those who were able to attend this year!)

From our ticket sales, we raised enough funds to pay for 20 bed kits for Sleeping Children Around the World. The donation was gratefully accepted by our friend Dave Dryden. (read more…)

This is Scarlett and Isaiah opens up a world of adventure and discovery to preschoolers. The latest series shares the world through the eyes of two new hosts: Scarlett and Isaiah. Eager to take on the world and explore it in their own fearless way, Scarlett and Isaiah reflect the energy and attitudes of their audience – curious, forward, active and fun! These two six-year olds take us on adventures galore. (read more…)

Fourteen of us headed off to London Ontario, May 23rd to take part in the 2013 bi-annual festival of the Ontario Guild of English Handbell Ringers, along with four hundred other ringers from all over Ontario. (read more…)

Just two weeks later, the Ingram and O’Neil Handbell Choirs were on their way to Hamilton for the Ontario Guild Festival held at McMaster University. I will let them tell you about it in their own words: (read more…)

Our visit to New York began with a walking tour to get a feel for the city. In the evening we had a bus tour that gave us a broad overview of a city many were seeing for the fist time. (read more…)

Sixteen teens and adults packed into three vans, left St John’s May 20th. Our equipment and uniforms left a day earlier in a fourth van. Over 5 days and 4 nights, we have many stories – photos at the border, a “lost” credit card, misread maps, 91F weather, high humidity, 5 minute shopping trips, hunt for the cheapest t-shirt and playing a $96,000 piano. Even with all of those, I think I’m safe in saying that the most important stories come from playing at St Paul’s Chapel, Ground Zero. (read more…)

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