Tech Team

Behind every event held at SJYM is a team of people using various forms of communications technology to support it. Sunday mornings, sermons are made more audible and the music is well-blended through our digital sound system. Various events are recorded in HD video and made available on DVD or the SJYM YouTube channel. Liturgy is assisted by the use of video projection. And as new initiatives are undertaken, the list will grow even longer.

The Tech Team at SJYM takes responsibility for performing these important roles. We are currently expanding the team and are actively looking for people who have a knack for technology. Our team works in the following areas:

  • live sound reinforcement
  • video camera operation
  • audio and video recording and production
  • video projection
  • slide presentation development

If you might be interested in working in any of these areas, please contact the office at 416-225-6611 or at

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