Noah’s Ark Summer Camp

This summer, the St. Stephen’s Downsview Youth Covenant will be running Noah’s Ark Summer Camp, and St. John’s will be helping.

During the school year, the St. Stephen’s Downsview Youth Covenant (DYC) runs a HomeWork Club in the Jane and Wilson area that is supported by our Outreach Committee. With the school year over, DYC will once again be running Noah’s Ark Summer Camp.

The camp takes place from July to early August. The camp serves children ages 5-13 and also Leaders in Training, where youth ages 14-16 join the camp in a volunteer capacity. These teenagers help out with programs and learn valuable skills that will make them employable in a summer camp setting or in other areas working with children.

Noah's Ark Summer Camp

Participants in last year's Noah's Ark Summer Camp at St. Stephen's Downsview Youth Covenant

The objective of the summer camp is to provide a safe, stimulating environment for the children, at a reasonable cost. This is premised on the conviction that every child should have an opportunity to grow up in a safe, enjoyable and caring environment, regardless of their economic situation. The camp provides significant support to single parents and low-income families during the summer. Programs are designed to enhance self esteem, cognitive and spiritual development and conflict resolution abilities.

Many of the DYC families cannot afford to have multiple children attend the camp and do not want to separate their children. Please consider sponsoring children for one week or more (each space is $60 per week). General donations are also appreciated to sponsor weekly trips and activities. Volunteers who have expertise in particular areas like golf, chess, visual arts, and crafts (e.g. crochet, knitting), etc., are also needed.

The generosity of DYC donors made it possible for many children to participate in the camp. Last summer some of

the children were asked about how they would feel if they were not able to attend camp:

Kishari: “I would feel sad if I couldn’t come to camp. My favourite things about camp are devotions, when we sing, when we do art, and when we go on trips.”

Kimone: “I would feel bored if I had to stay at home. I like when we play, when we go on trips, and when we talk about God at camp.”

Tianna: “I would be sad if I couldn’t come and had stayed at home. I like the games and when we go to the pool at camp.”

To help out or make a tax-deductible donation to this fine organization please contact Constance Kendall at (416) 809-4639 or or simply make your cheque out to “St. John’s York Mills” with Noah’s Ark on the memo line and leave it in the collection plate or the office.

– Scott McDougall


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