Beyond SJYM

For everyone to whom much is given, of him shall much be required.
(Luke 12:48)

For when I was hungry, you gave me food; when thirsty, you gave me drink;
when I was a stranger, you took me into your home; when naked you clothed me;
when I was ill you came to my help; when in prison you visited me.
(Matthew 25: 35–37)

These passages from the scriptures inspire the Faithworks and Outreach Committee in its many and varied activities. The committee strives to deliver education and assistance locally and around the world.


The committee raises funds to support FaithWorks, which is run by the Anglican Diocese of Toronto to deliver direct, practical assistance to those in need or at risk. The FaithWorks ministries, along with their partner agencies, deliver social, health and community service locally, nationally and globally. They help thousands in need in many areas: children and youth, families at risk, people seeking transitional and permanent housing, the unemployed, refugees, prison inmates and those living in the developing world.

St. John’s Outreach

Members of St. John’s contribute gifts of money, time, talent, experience and skill to a number of ministries, bringing sustenance and comfort — both physical and spiritual — to people who face hardship and struggle to find their places in our society. We encourage you to consider offering your gifts to any of St. John’s outreach ministries.

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