Contemplative Fire

Contemplative Fire LogoContemplative Fire is an intentional and dispersed community of people who are seeking to be fully present to the kingdom of God here and now. We are “Creating a community of Christ at the edge.”

Contemplative Fire was created in 2003 in the UK by the Rev. Philip Roderick. From his parish ministry Philip became very aware of the cultural changes that were pulling people away from traditional church. Contemplative Fire was created as alternative Christian community, one that would speak to those who no longer relate or never have related to the institutional church. It was birthed in Canada in 2009 by the Rev. Anne Crosthwait.

Where does it meet?Contemplative Fire at the Beach

St John’s York Mills offers Contemplative Fire a home base but the community meets in many places beyond St John’s. As a dispersed community it’s not confined to one building but meets in homes, other churches, attractive spaces, even out of doors. It seeks to both create and acknowledge sacred spaces all around us.

A typical Contemplative Fire altarWhat does it look like?

Imagine dandelion seeds blown in the wind, scattered and then planted in unexpected places. Contemplative Fire is a series of small groups scattered across the city. Sometimes the community gathers for larger events, such as monthly Gatherings for worship or Wisdom on the Way for teaching, but the main heart is small gatherings. Our times together are filled with silence and playfulness, study and creativity, tradition and newness. Rooted in the historical Christian contemplative tradition, we seek to be aware of God in the present moment.

For more information, see the Contemplative Fire website

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