Yonge Lawrence Fellowship

A community committed to kindness. A community committed to restoring lives.

fellowship /felōˌSHip/ noun: a friendly association,
especially with people who share one’s interests.

Yonge Lawrence Fellowship is made up of people who want to care for those who don’t attend church. Our mission is to meet the needs of our neighbourhood, and we’re in the business of restoring lives. We do that by living out our simple mantra: “Commit to Kindness.” Yonge Lawrence Fellowship is where the restorative power of kindness is demonstrated.

We want to be a community of faith who extend an unconditional welcome and acceptance. We believe that significant, restorative life change takes place relationally – when we feel safe, when we feel we belong, when we can be vulnerable. It’s in this open environment that we can trust, both to give of ourselves, and to receive.

Transforming lives, restoring faith

There is not a single person in our neighbourhood that doesn’t need to know more kindness, compassion and goodness. We believe that’s who God is – kind, compassionate and good – and we want to show how lives can be restored by the power of His love at work within a community.

Learn more about Yonge Lawrence Fellowship on their website: ylf.church or call 437-777-4822.


Yonge Lawrence Fellowship

25 Wanless Avenue
(Steps north of the
Lawrence subway station)


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