Parish Council: Call for Nominations

The Nominating Committee is now inviting parishioners to put forward nominations for Parish Council – the voice of the congregation in the running of St. John’s.

The Parish Council is made up of fifteen members who give advice to the clergy about the plans and directions for the church. Council members are drawn from the congregation at large – six are appointed by the clergy and nine are selected from nominations put forward by parishioners. During the year, the Council meets regularly to discuss business matters and mission-related topics, and to make recommendations to the clergy.

Between now and August, please look around and think (and pray) about who in the congregation has a strong connection to St. John’s, in faith and in action; who you think would be a good representative of the people to help set directions for St. John’s. Contact any member of the Nominating Committee to put forward your nominations.

The members of the Nominating Committee members are Sylvia McConnell, Stephen Bent, Peter Miller, and Gail Moore.

Thank you.
– The Nominating Committee.


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