Children’s Ministry


Jesus said,

“Let the little children come to me,
and do not stop them;
for it is to such as these
that the kingdom of heaven belongs.”

(Matt 19:14)

SJYM Children

Children's MinistryChildren have an innate spirituality, a spirituality of great profundity. Unfortunately, children are trained to suppress this spirituality in a reason-based schooling system. The Children’s Ministry at SJYM seeks to reveal and activate the secret, blessed world of a child’s innermost heart, and teach a new language so that children may express the spiritual experiences that can be difficult to put into words.

Our program dedicates itself to drawing out children’s natural capacity for excitement and joy, while teaching them about the sweet, sanctifying name of Jesus. The curriculum is spirit-led and designed by Alison Juurinen, our Children’s Ministry director. Allison combines seminary training with a passion for nurturing young hearts and minds.

In each class we explore a bible story, play a really fun game or make some great art (or both), and finish with a tiny feast that we call the “snackrament”.

Our Children’s Ministry team has dedicated volunteers who delight in your children and in the Gospel, under the leadership of Alison. Everyone on the team is equipped to provide an enriching, safe, and fun environment for fostering the spiritual growth of young people.

All children from JK/SK to Grade 6, whether they are new to “Sunday school”, long-time attendees, or somewhere in between, are invited and encouraged to be a part of our Children’s Ministry. The program runs at the same time as the 10:30 a.m. Open Door service. Children arrive with their parents, then early in the service the children gather at the front and follow the leader out to the children’s area.

For more information or to register, please contact Alison Juurinen, Children’s Ministry director, in person or at, or contact the church office. We hope to see you there!

SJYM Nursery

A bright and activity-filled room for infants, small children, and their parents

A nursery room is open for those up to three years old and their parents. It’s a nice bright space next to the Shepard room (in the south wing: from the lobby, walk straight across the sanctuary, turn right, then follow the corridor past the stairwell). In the nursery room you’ll find space and lots of toys and activities.

The nursery room is unsupervised, so we ask that parents stay with their children. There is a video screen so that parents may follow the service as it happens in the sanctuary.

If you prefer, a small room at the back of the sanctuary is also open for parents and children up to two years old. This option is handy if you have children with you in the service and you wish to go with them out of the service for a few minutes.

The Open Door: A Worship Gathering for All Ages

The Open Door, our 10:30 a.m. worship gathering, is designed for the whole family. The nursery is open for very young children and their parents. The children’s program, which runs at the same time as The Open Door, provides lively and active faith education for children up to Grade 6.

Outgoing and passionate leaders, a variety of activities and crafts and, of course, stories and lessons from the Bible make for an engaging morning.

Videos from Children’s Ministry

Watch a short movie of the Christmas Story as told and re-enacted by the children of St. John’s. This video was made in 2015 and first screened on Christmas Eve at St. John’s.

Watch a video report about the news of Jesus’s resurrection. The St. John’s Children’s Ministry news team investigated the story and produced this report in 2017.

Watch a video report about the birth of the Saviour as told by the children of St. John’s as they provide breaking-news coverage of the event. The video was made in 2017.

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