Children’s Christmas 2017 Video

The Shepherds Tell the Good News

The Shepherds Tell the Good News is a short film made by the children and youth of SJYM. A star brighter than any other recently appeared in the sky. What does it mean? Does it signify a miraculous event? SJYM News has investigated and now brings you reports from an innkeeper and from three shepherds about what has really happened.

The story was recorded by John McNeish and Daniel Mitchell, two young people who have become skilled working with the tech side of children’s ministry for several years. Sean Martin edited the footage and added a sound track, a task that took time, commitment and persistence. Children of various ages played the parts and several adults supported the production, for which we are thankful.

Everyone involved was committed to the story and to sharing the good news. Now, it’s your turn. Watch it, then share with your friends.


Or watch it on YouTube:

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