St. John’smen

Collage of men attending events hosted by the St. John'smen
Who are the St. John’smen?

The St. John’smen are fellows from St. John’s parish who enjoy getting together to socialize, getting involved with worthwhile projects, and furthering the work of the church.

The Annual Men’s Dinner

The highlight of the year is our annual Men’s Dinner. The event is open to all male members of St. John’s; as well we encourage attendees to bring sons and fathers. The evening starts with a mixer where we enjoy conversation and hors d’oeuvres. This is followed by a full-course meal, the announcement of the St. John’sman of the Year, and finally a talk by a guest speaker.

In previous years we have welcomed speakers such as John Wright of the market-research firm Ipsos Reid, Terry Fallis, an award-winning humour writer who recounted his adventures and mis-adventures in becoming a published novelist, and Ted Barris who is a meticulous researcher and masterful storyteller on pivotal events of World Wars I and II.

St. John’smen of the Year

Each year, a man of the parish is chosen to be the St. Johns’man of the year. When choosing, we consider personal integrity, service to St. John’s and to the wider community, and fidelity to Christian faith and teachings. The following fellows have been honoured over the years:

  • 2018 – Tim Orser
  • 2017 – Victor Likhachov
  • 2016 – (No award due to 200th anniversary celebration)
  • 2015 – Jay Burford
  • 2014 – Bill Barnett
  • 2013 – Larry Parkes
  • 2012 – Peter Raynham
  • 2011 – Stephen Monk
  • 2010 – Eric Smythe
  • 2009 – John Bowes
  • 2008 – Cliff Nelles
  • 2007 – Bruce Williams
  • 2006 – Ralph Stephenson
  • 2005 – Everett Gibbs
  • 2004 – Brian Hull
  • 2003 – Derek Stodart
  • 2002 – David Bawden
  • 2001 – Chris Millar
  • 2000 – Charlie Fenton
  • 1999 – Bill Saynor
  • 1998 – Ed Wesson
  • 1997 – Nick Myhorod
  • 1996 – David Fraser

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