The Lychgate Group

Collage of women at Lychgate Group get-togethersSince 1978

The Lychgate Group is the women’s group of St. John’s York Mills. Its goals are:

  • Fellowship
  • Leadership
  • Stewardship
  • Outreach
  • Spiritual Growth

What do the Lychgate women do at their meetings?

Our group meets once a month from September to June in the Garnsworthy Room, where we share stories over coffee and nibbles, listen to guest speakers, plan our fundraising and organize our service activities in the church.

How does the group serve the church?

Lychgate members support church events in various ways, such as providing coffee and goodies for Sunday coffee time; serving cider and goodies after the Christmas carol service; and providing food for the new members’ luncheon. The Lychgate Group has also organized and paid for the signage within the church, helped to fund computers for the church office and contributed funds to the general operation of St. John’s.

What kinds of outreach activities do we support?

Our outreach activities involve such activities as sending disadvantaged children to Moorelands Camp in the summer and preparing Christmas bags for the residents of one of LOFT Community Services houses for the needy.

What kind of fundraising does Lychgate do?

Our fundraising activities in the past have involved a yearly fashion show, hosting a café at the former church bazaar and providing a café at Cabaret. We are always considering new fundraising activities for Lychgate.

What kinds of social activities does the Lychgate Group have?

To help our members get to know one another better in a comfortable setting, we have parties! At the Christmas party in the home of one of our ladies, we prepare our Christmas presents for LOFT; in May, we have a cultural outing followed by a group dinner in a restaurant. And we don’t ignore our male partners — they are invited to our June barbecue, marking the end of another year of service and fellowship at St. John’s. All of these social events help us to bond as a group and make us an efficient working team.

How can I join Lychgate?

If you are a female parishioner and have the time and inclination to come to our Thursday evening meetings and help with our activities, send an e-mail or call the church office to find out the name and contact information of our current chair.



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