Pioneering Ministries

By the grace of God and by working together – focusing on being a healthy, vibrant and life-giving church – our Church is experiencing renewal and growth. We are building our capacity to care for one another and to represent Christ’s love in the world.

We are finding, however, that we have much to learn about being God’s church in today’s world. We are discovering that to proclaim the Good News and embody Christ’s love, we need to give ourselves permission to try new things and “be” church in new ways. We must have the confidence to re-imagine church so we can bring the Gospel to cultures and networks of people in our Diocese who have never heard it before.

Pioneering Ministry is a response to our changing culture. It is ministry that is primarily for the unchurched – for those who have never been to church or for those who have stopped going and are not willing to go back to what they experienced before. Pioneering Ministry will include planting new congregations or churches – they will be different in style from the church which planted them because they are designed to reach a different group of people than those already attending the original church. This type of ministry would also include fresh expressions of church which are already springing up in our Diocese. There is no single model, but a wide variety of approaches for diversity of contexts and constituencies.

The Diocese of Toronto has embraced the challenge to re-imagine church in many cultures. We have already begun to plant new churches, most recently by providing funding for the starting of a Mandarin congregation. We have also funded research into how to start churches in condominiums, have funded the starting of a new church community at St. Anne’s (Jeremiah Community), and have formed a fresh expression of church to the urban unchurched through St. Paul’s Bloor Street (Route 18).

The allocation of $4 million will allow the Diocese to continue its mission to share the Gospel to those who are not members of any church.

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