Renovation Memorial Book

Renewal 2014 Memorial Book
Be a Part of It!


This is your opportunity to help with the Renewal 2014 project
and become part of our time capsule Memorial Book.


As we proceed with the renovation work (please read the update report on the renovation if you haven’t already), we are constantly finding possibilities for upgrading the infrastructure while the work is underway and also for improving on areas of the original design.

You, the members of the congregation, have responded generously and have helped us get started with many of these initiatives. Further below is a summary of the initiatives that are under way, and a list of a few items for which we still are seeking funds.

We can and will stay on budget, but the end result of the Renewal 2014 project rests in the hands of the congregation.

Get Involved in the Memorial Book — A Time Capsule for the Future

The new Garnsworthy room under construction

The new Garnsworthy Room: now a construction zone; soon a bright and inviting space for meetings and for socializing.

In order to make a permanent record of the process and to record your donations as well, your Wardens are proposing that we prepare a large Memorial Book, a sort of scrapbook, focusing on what was accomplished in 2014. It would contain photos (pre-, during and post-reno), and official records of the project, as well as list all the donors who have given a gift to help with the renovations.

Each parishioner donating over $100 will be offered their own page in the book, which could contain photos and information about you and your family’s history at St. John’s, as well as what part of the renewal you contributed to and why. You could note the year you began attending, family baptisms, weddings, funerals, celebrations and the activities/groups you were involved in. You could also talk about what St. John’s has meant to you and your family over the years.

The Memorial Book will be displayed in the foyer through the anniversary year of 2016, after which it will take its place in the new secure archives room of St. John’s York Mills.

Think of the Renewal 2014 Memorial Book as a time capsule for the future.

How to Participate

If you would like to give a gift to the Renewal 2014, you may do so simply by writing a cheque to St. John’s York Mills and marking on it and the envelope:  Reno or Renewal 2014.  Your name will automatically be recorded for inclusion in the book. If you donate $100 or more, you will be offered a page to share your thoughts in the Memorial Book.

If you would like to donate to a specific project, you could send an inquiry email to the co-ordinator of the design committee, Sylvia McConnell ( or speak with Catherine Bryant in the office to find out what the possibilities are.

You may put your gift into the collection plate, or send it to the office. If you are donating to a specific part of the renewal, please indicate that on the envelope or on a separate sheet. We will be in touch with you towards the end of the summer about getting your contribution to the Memorial Book.

Please participate soon. The Design Committee is planning all of these areas now and needs to know what funds are available.

Get involved in Renewal 2014.
Give your gift now and be part of
the Memorial Book time capsule
at St. John’s York Mills.

Enhancements and Upgrades On the Way – Thank You Parishioners

  • Organ keyboardImportant maintenance for the organ, including an overhaul of the pipes, is scheduled after the major building work is complete, shortly before the re-opening of the sanctuary.
  • The sanctuary grand piano, a donation from parishioners. It is a beautiful instrument, the best in the building, with a beautiful sound, but it is now showing its age of 104 years. It is now being extensively and carefully restored and will be in the sanctuary for the re-opening.
  • The old pulpit and lectern are being repurposed into three beautiful pieces of furniture. Two will be in in the foyer and one in the baptismal niche in the sanctuary.
  • The sound system is being extended, and a visual monitor system is being added, into the new Garnsworthy Room and the family room (at the back of the sanctuary).
  • The data network is being extended into spaces including rooms in the basement. This will make these rooms more accommodating for groups hosting meetings and events.

Initiatives that are Unfunded

  • Refinishing of heritage pieces belonging to St. John’s which currently are not in use, such as the Seneca Ketchum desk, but which could be used in the upgraded south extension rooms. Cost: $2000
  • And finally, we have budgeted $10,000 for furniture for the new Garnsworthy Room and the foyer. We know what beautiful rooms they could be with additional funds for these two areas plus the new family room being set up in the old narthex.


Help us make your church beautiful for the next 100 years.

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