Renovation Update

Summer: time to get outside

Greeters in safety vestsReminder: During the renovation, the church remains open and our schedule of services has not changed. On Sunday mornings, please enter by the east doors (facing the churchyard) and walk down the stairs to the auditorium. Children can go directly to the Sunday school on the main floor. For the barrier-free route, please enter by the tower doors (facing the hillside) and follow the path to the lift.

The Patio

Foundation for the patio

The foundation for the new patio.

You may have noticed that there has been some excavation work adjacent to the foyer. The builders are digging the ground to lay the foundation for the new patio that will expand the existing foyer so that the gathering space will include both an indoor area and an outdoor area. The patio will feature lighting, built-in seating, and barrier-free access from the foyer.

Foyer showing new doors

Looking in from the main entrance to the foyer. Along the back are the existing and new passages to the sanctuary, and on the right are doors to the new patio.

The new patio will be a great place to gather before and after Sunday services, and it will serve as an inviting setting for scheduled summertime events. Events in past summers have included Wednesday evening Que and Pew – a barbecue dinner followed by talk and discussion around a theme from the Bible – and Wine and Wisdom – gatherings where we explore spirituality and discover the ways that God works within our lives. Sadly, another summertime tradition – the annual Bocce Ball Tournament – may have to find a new home due to the patio.

The complete renovation journal (of which is the latest entry) can be viewed here.

Renewal Initiative

Design team in the chancel area

The design team views progress in the chancel area.

In support of the renovation, the community was asked to consider contributing to the Renewal 2014 initiative. The wardens, the design committee, and the staff are working diligently to manage resources for the renovation and to stay within budget. Despite our best efforts, a number of unforeseen items have arisen, including the need to replace the flat roofs over the new office and Garnsworthy rooms, and to repair and restore the piano and organ.

Design team meets with architect

The design team meets with the architect David Parker (second from left) in the sanctuary.

The good news is that you, the members of St. John’s community of faith, have responded, and your givings have allowed us to make some difficult decisions. We thank all of you who have donated, and ask those who are planning to donate to do so if possible before the end of July.

Toward the end of August, we will begin, with help from the Lychgate Group, to prepare the Renewal 2014 Memorial Book. If you will be a part of the the Memorial Book, you can expect to hear from us in early September about preparing your own page.

View of construction in the chancel area

The raised chancel area is being extended forward. Later the back part will be adapted for the musicians to use. On the left the chapel area has been opened up with the removal of the balcony.


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