Scarlett Rings Some Bells

This is Scarlett and Isaiah opens up a world of adventure and discovery to preschoolers. The latest series shares the world through the eyes of two new hosts: Scarlett and Isaiah. Eager to take on the world and explore it in their own fearless way, Scarlett and Isaiah reflect the energy and attitudes of their audience – curious, forward, active and fun! These two six-year olds take us on adventures galore.

This is…a co-production between Sinking Ship Entertainment and marblemedia.

St. John’s (Carolyn Martin) was contacted by Sinking Ship Entertainment in October 2012. I was asked if I would like to teach Scarlett how to ring bells for an episode of the program “This is…”

My answer of course was yes but with one provision – that our 8 chimers could be part of the experience. They talked about it and came back with a yes! The filming date was set for December 10, 2012.

The production company preferred bells over chimes because of their appeal and appearance so our chimers had to learn how to ring bells. Tracy Lewis and Laura Deliakis while not on camera were very much a part of the preparation.

At the time our chimers were ages 8 to 10. The filming at our church was quite a learning experience and a wonderful opportunity for others to see our church and just a few of our terrific young people.

Click here to enjoy the one minute excerpt from the 6 minute episode. Perhaps you will be watching Treehouse one day and say, “There are our chimers” or “That looks like St. John’s” Opportunities like this are wonderful to experience and I’m very grateful to have been a part of it with our chimers.

Carolyn Martin
Handbell/Handchime Director


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