Sharing our Faith

Practical advice for a challenging task

“To Know Christ and Make Him Known” is the mission of our church, St. John’s York Mills, and when we say “the mission of the church”, we really mean the mission of all the people who form the community of faith at St. John’s.

It turns out that many parishioners feel that they have come to know Christ – the first part of the mission – but they have difficulty with making Christ known – the second part of the mission. This difficulty is not due to a lack of motivation, but rather, a lack of know-how. Lots of people have come to know Christ, to feel the warm enveloping love of God, and to see their lives transformed. Many of them would love to give other people a chance to discover these wonderful things, but they don’t know how to go about this.

Rev. Drew is presenting a sermon series that explains at what it means to spread the faith, teaches some practical steps to do this, and looks at the results this work can bring. A key idea is that you cannot “sell” Christianity as if it were product that people have to be persuaded to buy; instead, you need to make it possible for people to discover for themselves the fullness and richness of life that comes with membership in the Christian community of faith. At time it will be challenging, and at times it will be frustrating, but in the long run it will be rewarding for those sharing and those invited.

You can watch the first talk, presented on June 29, on YouTube. Rev. Drew will present further talks later in July during the regular 10 a.m. Sunday services. Come and hear some practical, and occasionally provocative, insights into a topic that matters in today’s Christianity.


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