SJYM Campaign Kick-off

Our Faith – Our Hope has raised more than $20 million and a number of churches in our Diocese have not even begun their campaigns! Today, SJYM kicks off its own segment of the campaign. Our goal is to reach and indeed exceed the target of $885,000. Over the next two months every member of our parish will receive a package of information. In some cases a fellow parishioner will deliver your package personally and answer any questions you might have. Others will receive their material through the mail. A follow-up phone call by a parishioner will be made to several hundred families to see if they have any queries. December 4 and 11 have been designated as Commitment Sundays, so we hope that everyone will have had a chance to reflect and pray about their participation well before then.

Those who are involved at the SJYM committee level believe this is a well-designed campaign – so much so that all parishes in our Diocese are participating. This is not just a capital campaign. It is infinitely more. It is a ministry campaign to the wider church. This fact will be borne out by the literature you will receive that goes into detail about just how the funds will be disbursed.

We are fortunate to have Dunbar Russel and Steven Bickley serving on the executive steering committee at our Diocese for this major undertaking.

Once the campaign is underway, you will be receiving weekly updates. If you still require further information, please speak with Drew+, Steven Bickley, Dunbar Russel, Linda Grasley, Faye Roberts or Catherine Bryant.

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