Wednesdays: The Grad Class

Growing to a New Level in Faith

People today come from a variety of faith backgrounds. There are those who have been raised in a practicing Christian home, those raised in another faith tradition, those who have come to the faith as adults, and those who have no significant faith background.

To meet the needs of this diverse community, St. John’s offers a five-level program for Christian learning. No matter where you are on your faith journey, there’s something for you.

Level 5: Cultivating Christ

This Spring, Rev. Drew is pleased to offer “The Grad Class” for people who are rooted in faith and in Christian teachings, but now wish to take their understanding to a higher level.

It’s for people who have have heard many a Sunday sermon, and who now want to go deeper into themes that cannot be properly unpacked on Sunday morning. It’s for people who have come across texts in the Bible that are confusing or troubling and want to resolve their concerns. It’s for people who just have an appetite to explore Christian doctrines in new ways.

Class is in Session

Every Wednesday evening starting on April 4, 2018, Rev. Drew meets at 6:15 p.m. for an hour with attendees at St. Leonard’s Church, 25 Wanless Avenue.

In the finest tradition of graduate schools, the Grad Class has no set curriculum or attendance. Instead, topics are free-ranging, discussion will be free-flowing, and no one will mind if you miss a session or two. You might, however, find yourself with homework in the form of readings.

Want to Know More?

Please talk to Rev. Drew if you want to learn more about this class, or simply attend a session on any Wednesday at 6:15 p.m.

Growing in Faith: Cultivating Christ

The Grad Class

Starting Wednesday, April 4, 2108
6:15 to 7:15 p.m.

St. Leonard’s Church
25 Wanless Avenue, Toronto
(One block north of
Lawrence Ave. subway station.
Street parking after 6 p.m.)



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