Sundays in the Auditorium

All worship services are now in the auditorium. Here is what you need to know about our temporary home during the building renovations. The music, the prayers, the preaching, and the fellowship are all here, but a few things are changing:


  • Entrance: Enter by the east doors (facing the churchyard) and walk straight downstairs. Outside the auditorium doors are coat racks; just inside the doors you can find the bulletins and name tags.
  • Barrier Free: Enter by the west doors (at the church tower) and follow the path to the lift. Someone will be there to assist you with the lift.
  • Children: When arriving, children should go straight to Children’s Ministry. The Children’s Ministry Welcome Desk is near the nursery. The children will re-join us in the auditorium as usual for communion.
  • Assistance: People will be on hand to help you find your way around and settle into the new routines.

The Service

  • The service is as usual, including two stations for communion.
  • A place for healing prayer is at the front-left of the auditorium.
  • The music will be simpler, with the choir and band performing “unplugged”.
  • Following the service, coffee and conversation will be on offer at the back of the auditorium.

You will find a warm welcome and friendly assistance as we settle into our temporary space that will be our worship home until autumn.


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