Eleventh Annual Silent Film Series

Saturday, March 29 at 7:30 pm

Be sure to mark your calendars as our popular Silent Film series continues in its 11th year.

The 2014 Silent Film series will continue on Saturday, March 29 at 7:30 p.m. with the screening of The Kid Brother (1927, 84 minutes), another comedy starring Harold Lloyd (and widely considered one of Lloyd’s best films).  In this film, set in the frontier town of Hickoryville, Sheriff Jim Hickory lives along with his brawny sons Leo and Olin and his younger, less-muscular son, Harold. Since Harold lacks the muscle power of his brothers, he has to use his wits to win the respect of his father and the love of a beautiful young lady. Steven D. Greydanus, film critic for the National Catholic Register, has described The Kid Brother as “[Lloyd’s] masterpiece, and one of [Greydanus’s] all-time favourite entertainments”.

The first film of our popular Silent Film series was the comedy Why Worry? (1923, 63 minutes) starring Harold Lloyd. It was screened on Saturday, February 22 accompanied by William O’Meara at the organ keyboard, and was thoroughly enjoyed by many.

In Why Worry?, Harold is a wealthy hypochondriac who travels to a tropical island to seek relief from an imagined illness. Instead of finding the serenity he is seeking, Harold encounters a revolution which he initially believes is an entertainment being staged for his pleasure. Harold is thrown into jail where he meets a gentle giant, Colosso. Harold and Colosso eventually manage to escape from the prison, but the revolution continues all around them.  Believing that the situation is bad for his health, Harold decides that the revolution must be stopped. Harold, his nurse and Colosso then try to quell the revolution on their own.  In the words of the leading film critic Leonard Maltin, Why Worry? is a “hilarious” film that is “packed with belly-laugh sight gags”.



Each night, internationally-acclaimed silent film accompanist William O’Meara provides improvised accompaniment on the organ. Admission is free and donation proceeds from the evenings will be directed to FaithWorks. Please be sure to attend both films and to invite your friends to these entertaining events.

Please share this event with friends and family by downloading the poster and placing it on bulletin boards in your office and/or neighbourhood.

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