The Link Newsletter, Fall Edition

The Fall edition of St. John’s newsletter, The Link, is now available digitally in your e-mailbox, on paper at the Sunday services, and online right here. (If you receive the Link on paper, please pick it up on Sunday morning if you can, to save St. John’s the cost in postage of mailing it out.)

In this issue, Rev. Drew discusses a transformation that should receive more attention than it does, and that is the transformation of young people’s relationship with their faith as they mature from children into adults. We do a good job of giving our younger parishioners a child-like understanding of our faith, through Bible stories and lessons on Christian values. Where we have a challenge, as our children mature into adults, is to transform their child-like faith into a deeper, well-thought-out adult understanding of the what Christians believe and why we believe it. Drew+ discusses some ideas that St. John’s can do to mentor and equip our young people, so that as adults they can uphold their faith and lead the lives of disciples.

After Labour Day has passed, we naturally start thinking about getting back into the regular routines, which for some people includes going back to school. The staff of St. John’s are excited this year about some new learning initiatives.  The article Christian Education describes several learning opportunities, one or two of which might be right for you. In Deacon Catherine’s Diary, there is a look at the Children’s Ministry, both back at what was accomplished last year, and forward to what we are planning for the upcoming year.

In the Associate’s Perspective, Rev. Anne invites us to take time to think about how we are living our lives, and what we can do to find an inner peace, to find our capacity to love and to be loved, and to find comfort in God’s grace for us. Many of us feel buffeted and pressured by the stresses, the busyness, and the uncertainties of this world; it can be difficult amid this to find inner peace and comfort. Anne+ recommends two books that can help us develop spiritually, so that we can better know our purpose in life, our relationship with God, and how that relationship lets us have the peace we crave.

On a more down-to-earth note, two of our youth who recently returned from mission trips: Ted Williams was in Tanzania, and Maryanne McNeish was in New Orleans. You can read their stories in Youth Mission Trips.

There’s lots more information and plenty of food for thought in The Link – enjoy!


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